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04:26pm 22/10/2005

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Happy now   
09:02pm 01/10/2005
mood: pretty fucking tired.
Dear Diary

Today I got my nose pierced.

it hurt like fuck! hehe... looks amazin though!

Jen's just given me baileys, so am happy as fuck now.... gotto say, I do look pretty damn fine today. lol

Going now. Can't be arsed to be online too much today..

Am addicted to My Elastic Eye by Chemical Brothers.... it's amazing.

Love to all!


Charley. x x x x x
Day off.   
12:56pm 27/09/2005
mood: happy as fuck
Well... today's been fab so far.

I just got back from being in Norwich for the morning (I wasn't skiving really... I had an orthodontist appiontment, and I couldn't be arsed to go back.

I'm about to do some stats coursework, so I'm sat here with pot noodle, and a very cold strongbow. niiice.

when in Norwich, I bought;

a blue eyeliner (looks great, will take pic)
two small white eyeshaddows
a 4ml expander (I should have bought a 3.6 bcr first, but never mind)
and a topup from tesco.

OOh!!! mum says that I can get my nose pierced at the weekend!!! FUCK YES!!!!... *bounces around everywhere*.... YEEEEYYYY!!!! FINALLY. lmao... I have to pay for it, but with 180 in the bank now, I'm not bothered. hehe!.. man it's gonna be great!

Anywho. I'm gonna get some stats done (It's piss easy, just take a little thinking about, so I can do it in about 2 hours for the first hypothesis) wonderful.

Cya all later. (got loads to say)

Charley. x x x x
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I'm feeling in random poetry mode..   
09:02pm 26/09/2005
mood: calm
I catch your hand again,
The thing I've been wanting to do for ages,
My heart races,
And the rollercoaster in my head runs riot.

We get looks from people
Maybe hatred, maybe jelousy
Sometimes smiles.
They don't really understand my love for you.

The first time I kissed those painted black lips of yours
I shot up into the sky like a rocket
Catching the stars on my way up
Nothing can stop me now.

Kiss me! Kiss me! Kiss me again!
My hands on your face stroking your milky skin
I look deep into your eyes
And I feel my whole body warming up

I can still remember the way you looked that night
The reflections from your dress, sparkling
Onto our floor of glass in that beautiful moonlight
Two people touching lips, hands on each other's hips

We waltz through the air,
Never let this feeling end
Just hold me tight, and let me whisper to you
Never let me go, as I hold onto you forever.

Every memory of you, stored carefully away
I remember your face when I put that necklace round your neck
I remember that you flung your arms around me
Please don't ever let me go.

Spending days in bed
Watching the stars through the window
Laying in each others arms
The feel of your body against mine

All so many memories that will never be lost.
I remember every smile
Every word
All of you.

Still we go out again,
Into the town, have some fun
Still we get stared at.
And I know it's because you're beautiful.

But mostly it's because
Not many people really understand
Our choices in life
Our same-sex relationship.
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Why do I want beer?   
04:24pm 26/09/2005
mood: Blank
Just got back from school.. and I want beer... I've wanted beer all day.. well.... wanted... makes me sound desperate... maybe it's just I've been thinking about the sweet taste of that strongbow, and would like to drink more. I'm not desperate.

Anyways, Science I got fuck all done in. Skele tried to hole punch a ruler, and managed to break both the ruler and the holepunch, he ended up just breaking the end of the ruler off. hah. Erm...

Maths was coolies. I sit next to Lee... *cough*... anyways, I got quite a bit done for me because for once I ACTUALLY UNDERSTOOD what the fuck she was talking about. We've started our coursework today, and I've been writing down and explaining it like I'm explaining it to a dumbarse.. and so my teacher saw it and said that I'm doing 'exceptionall well' and then said 'You seem to be the only one that's got her head around this.. well done' *pats on the back*.. hehe.... Mrs Hake thinks I'm kinda smart!... woo!....

Then came English. Mrs Ellen (Wonderful femist there) wanted us to read the Shakespeare shite... so like the dumbarse I sometimes am, I chose to be Romeo.... I SUCK!.. lmao. I think I accidently said something about 'Out of her father where I am in love'... hehe.. oops. NOT the right word there. The whole class started laughing at me, and so I just laughed too... nothing else I really could do... anyways, on the whole English = I'm a twat.

In ICT, we were doing yet MORE crappy coursework... everybody's got to the point where we're like... 'oh... is this really the end!!?!!?... please let it be the end!!' as well as the usual comments from Sim and Luke about Cadbury (Mezza's cat), balls, Mezza being gay... and other stuffles.

Lunch was borin... I did talk to Giles for a little while though.

Afternoon registration, Vikki came and sat next to me after walking into the classroom saying 'Charllleeeyyyy'.. heh.. She said she had a problem... and I was getting very confused.. but I think I followed it... just about. Anyways then we both went to behind the old new block (confused yet?) and waited for her fancy man... I was gonna walk off because they were privately talking, but then Chelsea came out and I grabbed her.. we talked for a little while, and then When Vikki decided she was gonna go to her lesson, I thought she was gonna walk straight past me, but she grabbed me and hugged me.. and made a funny squeaking noise! hah!.. then I said goodbye to Chels, and Vikki and went off to Music...

Which was shit! fucking compsition is due in on Wednesday, and I didn't even know we had to DO one! jebus!... ah well.

I wish it was snowing... Snow is beautiful, especially at night, where the moonlight shines through it and it created teeny little shaddows on the blanked under it. *sigh*.. we're almost into Winter though... I hope it snows this year..

Oh.. I got the number of hours I've worked wrong. oops. I've only done 40 so far (unless I've fucked up there somewhere)... which reminded me that I had to check if I was at work tomorrow night, which I'm not. so.. okay then.

I need to finish the Candle for Daddy (It's his unbirthday today). I'll take a pictre of the thing when I'm done (as soon as I find pritt). so hopefully soon.


Now I'm gonna go do the Candle, and then get on with some homework/coursework.

Love you all. Especially my Dad. (love you always)

Charley. x x x x
Two people touching lips, hands on each other's hips...   
05:02pm 25/09/2005
mood: god dammit
Hello there LiveJournal!

I'm in a good mood today.. dispite me and Ad having a little bit of an arsey moment with each other last night, he was still happy to come over this morning.

Mum was being really nice in the car to Ad, so yey!

For the three lovely hours Ad was here, we sat around, listening to music, watching Lost, talking about stuffs, and then finally watching Weebl and Bob... hah... and then we listened to the Lord Of The Chavs song.. twas great.

I'm drinking Strongbow... so I'm getting a tad drunk (yeah, yeah, I know... I'm a total lightweight)... so before I get too drunk, I'm gonna go... and I'll write more later

Love you LiveJournal... and everybody!!

Charley. x x x x x x x x x
07:38pm 24/09/2005
mood: Yep, still ill.
My life has been rated:
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hmm... that says alot about me doesn't it?
It's 10 am...   
10:06am 24/09/2005
mood: I'm okkaaaayyy...
Morning all

I've not really got much to say atm, so I'll keep it short.

I'm talking to Jo about tomorrow... and about her head that's going to fall off soon if it doesn't stop spinning... I did warn her about the dangers of boys... but anyway.

I'm already listening to COF this morning in prep for December 2nd. (gig)... eermm... I wish Ad would come with me to see it, but he just keeps saying that they're shit.. so... meh. I don't really feel too great so far this morning. I'll be fine. Just trying my best to keep smiling. :-)

I have work at 11 this morning. so in theory, I should be getting ready soon... but I can't be arsed. hehe.

I just put a tag in... I'm wondering what it is... but ah well.

I'm off.. going to talk to Jo some more and probably get read.... I have £225 to look forward to in 4 days!! FUCKYES!...

Love you all,

Charley. x x x x x

PS. here are a few random pics of me! woo! I finally know how they work!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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And now for some totally random blog things... just because I'm bloody bored.   
09:21pm 23/09/2005
What Your Sleeping Position Says

You are calm and rational.
You are also giving and kind - a great friend.
You are easy going and trusting.
However, you are too sensible to fall for mind games.

You Are a Strawberry Daiquiri

You're a fun, playful drinker who loves to party.
You may get totally wasted, but you're always a happy drunk!

Your Kissing Purity Score: 31% Pure

You're not one to kiss and tell...

But word is, you kiss pretty well.

that'll do for now.. hehe
08:55pm 23/09/2005
mood: scared, and ill. damn
awww maaaan.... I'm seeing COF in December, and I'm gonna fucken die in the mosh pit..

At FFAF, even the fucking EMOS were all making circle pits FFS! just imagine what it's gonna be like for a shortarse like me to be in the mosh pit of a COF gig... yeah... a fucking masacre!

Needless to say, I'm shit scared!... btw, anyone else out there been to one? What's it like?

Mark's not gonna be there because he's going to America the day before... but Mandy, Kim and Lucan are... so hopefully they might protect me.... oh god I wish.

But anyways... on the whole tonight's not been all too bad. Pretty good really. I want another cup of tea. in this fucking HUGE mug that Jen got from Paris for mummeh.... I just use it because of the capacity potential (I can get so much fucking tea into it :>)...

am listening to COF atm... It makes me wish I was a backing singer for them..... man what a life that would be... at all the gigs, looking amazing, and singing... AND not getting crushed.... wow..... I sence a possible career there... but I doubt it... I shall stick to my midwifery dreams.

I've just noticed the teddy I'm giving to Ad on Sunday for his birthday agen.. naww... it's got a little note on it that says 'Happy 17th Ad hunni, She's called Dolly! hehe. I have a matching one called Enigma. Yey. Love her lotses. She needs lots of cuddles and love. Love you always. Charley x'.... hehehe... Dolly (as I called her) is white, and plushy (awwww... soooo cute! ^_^) and she's got some little brown patches on her... I'll take a pic in a little while and post a link on here for you guys to see.

I'm ill too. god damnit... I have a sore throat, a runny nose (eww) and I can't stop coughing.... sounds like my humors are imbalenced... which remends me...I need to get my Gressenhall coursework done this weekend if I wanna be a prefect in time to vote for headgirl / headboy... god I hope Hannah and Angus get it.... *hopes like hell*

Anyways. I'm off agen... jeez... 3 posts tonight, and Adam STILL hasn't come online at all.. hehe.. must be out having fun. :)

Night all.

Charley x x x x x
Now then....   
06:59pm 23/09/2005
  Hello again Livejournal my dear friend.

I'm currently listening to Cicada (Devin's band... *little hearts everywhere*)... such a fucking great voice he has when he tries. I wrote the lyrics, but it's his singing tallent that makes the songs what they are. (amazing).

I have yet to tell Ad that he needs to get up early on Sunday.. hehe... hopefully it won't be a deterent. God I love him so damn much! hehe.. my little lovely button boyo :) (dno what that's meant to mean)

At the moment, I'm talking to Holly, and Hannah... Holly thinks we should meet up soon, so.. okay.. and Hannah's upset cosa that WANKER Will. *strangles him agen* (yes, I've stranged him already today.. woo!)

I'm hopefully going over to Laura's next weekend, to meet the famous Nigel. (Fair enough)

I'm getting paid £225 on the 28th!! my first ever pay check!... aww man... I so want an Acer (a laptop Jo, not a tree *rolls eyes* :-p).. Acers are so pretty... and I want one dammit... I WANT ONE!!

hehe... running out of things to say agen... might update later. byee

Charley. x x x
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Today I...   
05:11pm 23/09/2005
mood: relaxed
Hello Livejournal dearie.

Well... today was pretty funny on the whole.

I bitchslapped Skele (FUCKYES!).. even though it was kinda an accident... still.. it was fucking hillarious. I almost couldn't stand up. hehe.

Had work last night, twas okay. Henry got bored because there 'weren't enough people in'.. I was fine. Had a cup of tea, and got on with the task in hand (wasn't really that much to do.. yeyeth).. Marco wasn't in, so it was just us two. As usual when he has nothing to do, he sat around on one of the surfaces, and talked to me about really horrific and disgusting movies he'd seen recently. He says he's gonna let me borrow the Rob Zombie film 'House Of A Thousand Courpses'... kinda looking forward to seeing it... though I may throw up while watching it... so I'll have to see..

Anyways... I have work tomorrow... and I've kinda ran out of things to say atm... so I'll prolly write in here later.

Charley x x x
Holy crap... not been here for a long time.   
06:00pm 22/09/2005
mood: I'm lovin it! (not McDonald's)
Wow... well... I've really not been here in a very long time.

HELLO AGAIN MY DEAR FRIEND *cuddles livejournal*

This place kinda has alot of bad memories for me. For one it's the place that I pissed and moaned about a certain wanker alot over the course of a few months.. but all of that is gone. Since my last post, a few things have changed.

I'm now in year 11, and am alot less rebelious with my uniform, and am hoping to become a prefect some time soon.

I'm not sure when exactly my last post on here was from, but I don't really remember doing it, so it must have been a long time ago.

School seems to be going pretty well... I don't get bullied anymore, and I don't see Suzane anymore, which is a sad thing because we got along famously (she had to move). I did see Molly Herron for a little while, and she was lovely, but we didn't really click the way that me and Suzane did. I still miss her. But my memories are fond ones.

I have a job now. £4.50 an hour to wash dishes, and clean up.. (I still think that I should get paid more than that (or is it wish?).. but still.. I am only a minor, so I guess it's fair.)

Today is Adam's birthday. :-) I love Ad to bits, he's helped me so much through the time I've known him.. and I've still only met him in person under 10 times (I think). But! he is coming over on Sunday to celebrate his birthdayishy time with me :-). (I plan to watch movies, and drink my special hot chocolate.. wooo! lovely stuff!)

I'm closer to Jo than ever before, even though she now has Steven (who I pretned not to be so keen on, even though he's a smashin' (oh dearie me.. norfolk speak ;-)) lad... really I'm just jelous that he gets more time with her than I do now). I hope to go to Scotland next year with my dear Jo.. maybe stay in Fort William. (I don't want to go to Glasgow though... it's just nasty there.)

And I finally have a set of close friends that I spend my spare time at school with. In the evenings, I come back home (and unless it's a Thursady like today) I do my homework, and then settle down in front of my computer with a nice hot cup of tea, and talk to my friends on this thing I call 'home' (my computer).

I'm alot happier now than I was when I wrote some of my last posts. Back then I was... very depressed, and depressing... But now... christ, I just can't stop being happy... the only thing that has / can bring me down nowadays, is when I'm mega tired (which happens when I drink very strong coffee for a few days at a time, and then just stop... I can't stay awake when I do that).

I've descovered some fantastic music (mostly HIM, The Cure, Hendrix, and everything by Incubus!). I really need to listen to some Silverchair (My first love on iTunes)... I have also re-descovered my love for Queen, and my tallent of dancing like Freddie Mercury (now that IS cool says Ad). I went to my first gig EVER! in July with Adam, Abi and Jamie (who, you gotto give credit for, he's a great guy... most of the time)... we went to see FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND!! (Who, might I add (again) I haven't listened to properly since the gig :-P) I'm going to a CRADLE OF FILTH (phwah...) gig in December with maybe Olly if he still wants to go.

I FUCKING LOVE FAMILY GUY!!!!!! *cuggles it to death*... other than FAMILY GUY!! I also adore American Dad (by the creators o(W)f FAMILY GUY!!), Viva La Bam (just amazing) and Lost... wow.... I was watching it last night... wow... anyways... it's fantastic...

Anyway... I don't know what I've left out.. but I'm sure I'll update again soon.

I have work tonight at 7 (I'm pretty sure it's then anyways... oh I hope so).

I love you LiveJournal! You're my friend again!

Charley x x x x
Hello... testing testing one two three....   
08:43pm 22/03/2005
mood: placid.
Hey all, updating for the fuck of it. I'm pissed off, upset, but calm. I'm about to delete the last post from here... so say goodbye to it..

Might update tomrrow, (properly) ..